Evaluation Procedure

The evaluation is based on the criteria "Excellence", "Impact" and "Implementation" in a peer review process.

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After proposal submission, at least three different experts will examine your proposal. In order to guarantee the best match of evaluators for your proposal, it is crucial to select the most fitting out of the eight scientific evaluation panels. Furthermore, it is important to specify the scientific content of your proposal on the basis of descriptors (descriptors have to be indicated in part A of the proposal) to find the most adequate evaluators for your proposal.

The three experts evaluate your proposal without knowing the scores awarded by the other evaluators. Only later in the course of the evaluation procedure do they meet virtually to agree on a final score together with the chairs of the respective panels.

Should your proposal receive the same score as other proposals, the score of the chapter "Excellence" will be applied for an additional ranking. Proposals with the same score in the "Excellence" chapter will be ranked according to the score for the "Impact" chapter. If there is still no difference, a comparison according to the subordinated criteria for ex-aequo decisions will apply. It is quite often dependent on the subordinated criteria whether your proposal will be listed higher or lower on the ranking list.

Work as an expert

Many applicants regard acting as evaluator for the MSC Actions as helpful for their own applications. As a highly qualified researcher, this opportunity could be of interest to you.

You can find further information on how to register as an expert on the Funding & Tenders Portal.