European Researchers' Night (NIGHT)

The European Researchers' Night aims to bring researchers in touch with the general public and to increase awareness of research and innovation activities

Picture of the earth from space, Europe is shownObjective

The European Researchers’ Night takes place annually, usually on the last Friday in September. The events aim to foster communication between scientists and the general public and to demonstrate the impact of research on society and daily life. The events cover a broad range of activities, such as hands-on experiments, science demonstrations, guided tours through research facilities, workshops for children or competitions.

Participation requirements for institutions

Any institution located in a Member State or Associated Country may apply to participate in the European Researchers’ Night on the scheduled date (usually the last Friday in September) with an event covering the aforementioned activities.

Financial aspects

Selected institutions may receive a financial contribution to the costs incurred for the event itself, its preparation and its follow-up activities. Priority is given to events that also demonstrate commitment (as regards content and funding) in a supra-regional context.


Any institution from a Member State or Associated Country wishing to participate with an event in the European Researchers’ Night may apply. Researchers who receive funding from the Horizon 2020 programme should be involved in the preparation and implementation of the event. They should get in contact with the general public to promote research and the scientific professions. Usually, the application should comprise events for two successive Reseachers’ Nights; it is also possible to apply for one Researchers’ Night only, however.


Calls for proposals are listed here.